Security Tips

1.  Stop mail and newspapers. Weekly advertisement newspaper and publications should be picked up from the driveway and not accumulate. 

2. Install motion activated outdoor lights. Use motion sensor lights inside and outside the home. Especially on exterior entrances.  Burglars who come out at night have a fear of motion sensor lights. 

3.  Unplug garage door opener and insert a C-clamp on the track

4.  Just moved into a new house? Re-key and change all locks.  Update all locks 

5. Notify HOA that your home will be vacant for a period of time

6. Sliding glass door and windows- install a wooden or metal bar into the tracks...23% of burglars enter in through a first floor window. Safeguarding your windows is just as important as your doors.

7.  All exterior doors should have dead bolts installed, 34% of all burglars enter in through the front door.

8.  Have your neighbors utilize your garbage cans to give the appearance that your home is occupied

9.  Leave a radio or tv turned on, talk radio, news etc. Noise is a great way to make criminals think your home is occupied

10. Don't close all curtains and blinds.  You can give the lived in appearance, and not the closed down for the season appearance. 

11. Lower your phone volume. 10% of burglaries are committed by someone familiar to the resident, by leaving a phone volume up, they can listen if it is picked up.  

12. Install timers on inside lights

13. Utilize fake security cameras and or signs, decals. These are a great deterrent. 

14. Arrange for someone to pick up packages